ExtraCapsular Cataract Extraction (ECCE)

A situation that we do not like to get ourself into but there are times when the situation props up and it is best that we know what to do in a cataract surgery to ensure a good outcome for the patient. This is best learnt before we complete our ophthalmology training and best to have a senior consultant supervising us if we are doing it for the first time.

Attached in this post is an old article from eyerounds.org on the conversion to ECCE, post-op management and how to perform a proper anterior vitrectomy.

It is still very valid and very useful for all phaco surgeons.

Oetting, T.A. (2007) Conversion to Extra-capsular Cataract Extraction [Online]. University of Iowa Health Care. Available from http://www.eyerounds.org/tutorials/Cataract-ECCE/index.htm (Accessed 13 August 2015)


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